Why Are We Born?

Born in 2018 out of a desire to support small artisan production workshops in an increasingly challenging market environment. We are a men’s sartorial clothing brand with Italian DNA that selects small, local artisans to create products designed and conceived for lovers of quality and attention to detail. Our business model focuses on ‘on-demand’ production, which allows us to avoid waste, zero over-production and create customisable garments ‘tailored’ to the needs of the contemporary tastemaker.
Our goal is to provide a personal shopping experience, inspire tastemakers and be a spokesperson for a positive movement towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

  • Based in Apulia - Lecce
  • Founded 2018

Our Philosophy

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of luxury. More and more of us are concerned about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry, demanding greater integrity, social responsibility and transparency. We’re looking to invest in quality pieces that will last beyond seasons – those rare gems we’ll cherish as much in a decade’s time as we do now. Attention must be paid. At Barròco, we showcase a hand-selected range of items intimately connected to the place, provenance and people behind them, demonstrating an investment in the local economy and environment. Our commitment to sustainability and forging long-lasting connections shines through every one of our partnerships. More importantly, the very notion of what fashion is, should or could be is a question that demands new, imaginative answers. Our mission is not only to preserve the traditional craftsmanship but also to create innovative solutions aiming to support the next generation of tastemakers to make sustainable choice while look well-dressed in every occasion.

Our Values

Zero Waste According to this principle, almost any garment is produced "on-demand" reducing to Zero the waste and over-production. We want to have a positive impact in the Fashion Market.
Natural Fabrics We only use natural fabrics, same exception can be found in products that are built for a better comfort. These fabrics named "performance fabrics" have a small percentage of Elastane.
Made to Last The design of our products, the selection of quality raw materials and slow processing ensure extraordinary longevity. We are committed to increasing the longevity of our products and are happy to assist you in their eventual remanufacturing.
Km 0 Production 100 per cent of the items showcased on our website were produced within Italy. Moreover more than 90 per cent of the raw materials used are "Made in Italy".
Italian Craftsmanship and Small Communities Products that demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship or techniques handed down through generations.
Slow Tailoring Slow Fashion encourages traditional methods of garment making, textile making and dyeing techniques that took all together make a huge difference in terms of Sustainability.
Via Tortona, 33 Milano Italy
[email protected]
“To create a work of art is to create the World.”

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