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5 Men’s Bags for Weekend Trips Straight from the Office

Here's a selection of bags to take all the way from the office straight to your last-minute escape away from the city

After the autumn equinox, the climate in the Bel Paese still grants us with some warm days — quite similar to the summer days — but with a striking difference in the landscape: the leaves begin to take on the typical earthy shades of the season, between deep brown and the lightest golden.

It’s not surprising that even post-summer-holidays, and even throughout a pandemic — there’s still that undeniable desire for a weekend away. How do you organize yourself when a short, last-minute trip comes up? It’s all about the bag. Elegant and effortless, here is a selection of handcrafted bags, versatile for every need, that will make your little escape a breeze.

The Classic Backpack

This backpack by the Villadossola-based Athison (who have been active since 1913!) is on offer in various colors —from the most classic to the most modern and sporty. Vegetable-tanned leather is manufactured in Tuscany, combined with waxed cotton in potato flour starch, all in line with production processes that prefer the use of natural and non-toxic materials. Compact, it allows you to comfortably carry your laptop to work with every accessory, and to later carry on with essential outfits for the weekend. The zipper on the back allows direct access to the backpack, ensuring practicality and protecting its contents from intrusive hands.

The Vintage-inspired

Lovers of vintage and timeless style — this is the must-have bag for you. With its impeccable workmanship, the leather backpack by The Dust has all the charm of an item handed down from one generation to another, thanks to the high quality of the leather with which it was made. The double pockets on the front add an element of comfort. Inside are multiple compartments to carry both the necessary for the office, as well as clothing and products for the weekend. It’s the perfect balance of old-fashioned sophistication and contemporary flair.

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The Dust Company Camp Leather Backpack The Dust Company Camp Leather Backpack

The Dust

The Dust Company Camp Leather Backpack

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The Waterproof

Ideal for the sporty, the Talbot Bag by Alberto Olivero is made out of a carefully-selected technical fabric that is ideal for leisure time, to be combined with sporty and casual looks. Its numerous pockets — lined in fine cotton — are designed to store your items on the go, including a foldable pocket at the base to hold an additional pair of shoes. Sudden rainfall? No worries — all your personal belongings are safe; the fabric of the bag is entirely waterproof, as well as resistant. Like the pockets, the interior is lined in cotton, boasting every detail crafted by the skilled hands of the craftsmen.

The Duffle

If you are not a fan of rigid bags, but not even too soft ones, Davide Albertario‘s Duffle in Genuine Leather is probably the middlegroun you’re seeking out for your weekends out of town. Crafted in burnt brown, and suitable for combining with many other shades, it presents a semi-rigid structure and a tapered shape with zip closure. It’s a bag with a classic aesthetic but with a modern allure given by the visible beige stitching and palladium-colored finishes. It’s made (of course) by hand, it also has an inner lining in pure cotton, with a tartan motif.

The weekender

The perfect travel bag for gentlemen with an evergreen style is this Leather Weekender by Athison, ideal for short stays. Why is it so sophisticated? Simply because the small imperfections and the different shades of color for each of them, make them absolute unique pieces thanks to the natural raw materials with which the calf hides have been tanned. Dyed with non-toxic water-based colors and woven with thin copper threads, this bag will age over time, changing its appearance and showing its more exclusive and handcrafted side.

Athison Leather Weekender Athison Leather Weekender


Athison Leather Weekender

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