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Sartorial Know-how15 Oct '20

16 Items That Glorify Business Casual

Lee Osborne imparts his sartorial know-how with a top-to-toe guide on how to navigate this often nebulous dress code

Sartorial Know-how | 27 Oct '20

A seasonal selection of handcrafted garments, made of leather and in the most characteristic shades of fall

Artisan Encounters | 20 Oct '20

Italian elegance and style in the artisan tradition of Palermo. In conversation with Luca Lavore

Athison Weekender Bags from office made in italy (1) Weekend Bag
Sartorial Know-how
5 Men’s Bags for Weekend Trips Straight from the Office
An Italian Roadtrip | 08 Oct '20

The Marche region’s most imposing city is packed with a unique urban-fabric

Sartorial Know-how | 23 Sep '20

Esquire deemed him to be “the best-dressed man in the history of the world”, and it’s not hard to see why

Sartorial Know-how | 16 Sep '20

Resident style guru Lee Osborne on how to add flair to your autumn neckwear with Italian silk ties

An Italian Roadtrip | 01 Sep '20

The jewel town is possibly one of the greatest wonders in the province of Lucca

An Italian Roadtrip | 26 Aug '20

Men’s style guru Lee Osborne on the wardrobe essentials needed for a weekend in Portugal’s second city

An Italian Roadtrip | 25 Aug '20

If you consider yourself to be a habitué and are looking to see beyond the usual, this itinerary is for you

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