Artisan Encounters11 Feb '20

A Tailor Through Time: G Inglese

It takes three tests, thirty hours of work and twenty-five steps to create a G. Inglese shirt, with a palette that captures the colours of the Mediterranean.

Artisan Encounters | 28 Feb '20

Navy blue boxes with a golden logo of a mirror frame. Inside them, Serà Fine Silk accessories created in Como, the capital of silk and one of the greatest Italian excellences in the manufacturing industry. On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 2020, we speak to the founder.

Artisan Encounters | 17 Feb '20

This is the story of the Melillo family, who in the province of Salerno, have created a real tailoring hub. The secrets and experience of Salerno tailors have a place and it is there that they have been preserved since 1970.

An Italian Roadtrip
Da Vittorio, one of the stars of Made in Italy
Artisan Encounters | 12 Feb '20

Why gloves? Because when you are born in a place like Rione Sanità, the cradle of glove artisans, it is as though know-how blows in the wind.

Artisan Encounters | 12 Feb '20

A sensitive connoisseur of the trends that cyclically follow one another in terms of fashion, Corrado focuses on the timeless classic style; that eternal desire to feel elegant everyday, even on the metro.

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