Fabric Discovery04 Feb '23

Fabric: All About Giza. The Finest Cotton in the World

The term "Giza" is derived from the Arabic word for "cotton", and it's no surprise that this incredibly soft and luxurious fabric is revered by menswear enthusiasts around the World. In this blog post, we'll be discussing the history of Giza cotton and you will understand why it's so coveted by those in the know.

Sartorial Know-how | 09 Feb '22

In the first of a trio of articles on investing in leather goods to compliment your wardrobe, our resident style shrink Lee Osborne, AKA Sartorialee highlights the leather shoes that will transport you in timeless elegance from the office to a stylish night on the town.

Sartorial Know-how | 30 Jan '22

Our resident style shrink Lee Osborne, AKA Sartorialee gets together with the team at Serà Fine Silk in Milan to reveal their favourite tie knots, explaining how to secure them with style and elegance 

Sartorial Know-how
How to Pick the Right Sartorial Trousers: Dress Trousers and Chino
Sartorial Know-how | 13 Dec '21

Lee Osborne on nailing the art of cold season layering 

Sartorial Know-how | 19 Nov '21

The best of black artisanal Made in Italy menswear, handcrafted and, above all, timeless

Sartorial Know-how | 27 Oct '21

A seasonal selection of handcrafted garments, made of leather and in the most characteristic shades of fall

Sartorial Know-how | 15 Oct '21

Lee Osborne imparts his sartorial know-how with a top-to-toe guide on how to navigate this often nebulous dress code

Sartorial Know-how | 30 Sep '21

Here’s a selection of bags to take all the way from the office straight to your last-minute escape away from the city

Sartorial Know-how | 23 Sep '21

Esquire deemed him to be “the best-dressed man in the history of the world”, and it’s not hard to see why

Sartorial Know-how | 16 Sep '21

Resident style guru Lee Osborne on how to add flair to your autumn neckwear with Italian silk ties

Sartorial Know-how | 25 Aug '21

To celebrate the 90th birthday of the unforgettable star, we’re sharing the five style lessons he taught us

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