Warthog Tusk Umbrella

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This Warthog Tusk Umbrella allows you to infuse any ensemble with a bit of classic, safari-inspired style. Unique textures, high-quality printed textiles, and carefully curated design elements come together flawlessly to create a functional piece that is nothing short of impeccable. It’s a timeless, traditional way to add the rugged spirit of the exotic African wilderness into your everyday life. When the rain starts to pour, simply reach for this manual-open umbrella. The expansive canopy features an understated animal print that just enough visual impact to make this accessory anything but ordinary. At the end of the wooden shaft, a Phacochoerus Africanus – or Warthog Tusk – acts as an ultra-refined finishing touch. Perfect for even the most urbane modern man, this umbrella successfully brings the beauty of 19thcentury design into the present day. Hand-made in Italy, this umbrella measures 92cm long, 110cm in diameter, and comes conveniently packaged in an included gift box.

  • Wooden Shaft and Warthog Tooth Handle (“Phacochoerus Africanus”)
  • Manual Opening
  • 100% Polyester
  • Length: 92cm – Diameter: 110cm
  • Gift Box Included
  • Made in Italy

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Pasotti 1956

Pasotti Ombrelli produces handmade umbrellas since 1956. Ernesta Pasotti starts her career in an umbrella factory in Milan and then moves in Mantova, her hometown. The company still produces by hand all its umbrellas, event thought its high volumes and its presence in 55 countries. A successful Italian story, bold as its products. Pasotti has to be known for its mastery for making a practical and simple umbrella, an extremely glamorous accessory.