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Artisan Encounters28 February 2020

Serà Fine Silk: Como Fabrics, Italian Scents

Navy blue boxes with a golden logo of a mirror frame. Inside them, Serà Fine Silk accessories created in Como, the capital of silk and one of the greatest Italian excellences in the manufacturing industry. On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 2020, we speak to the founder.

The city of Como is one of the greatest Italian excellences in the manufacturing industry; the capital of silk, where the material has been produced for the last 600 years amongst tradition and contemporary taste. It is right here where Francesca Serafin—a former lawyer who has always been passionate about luxurious and refined fabrics— decided to produce and package the every scarf, tie, suspender and pocket square of her brand, Serà Fine Silk.

Located in Milan, the brand aims to represent Italian culture and craftsmanship, taking inspiration for design and patterns from every beautiful place in the Bel Paese. It does not end there; each product is thought as a stage within a journey, with landscapes but also scents, tastes and unique sensations.

Serà Fine Silk accessories are designed, created and packaged in Italy, by Italians, ensuring only the highest of quality. This search for elegance and uniqueness are embodied in every feature included the sophisticated packaging—navy blue boxes with a golden mirror frame. On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 2020, the founder tells us more.

Where does the passion for silk and the desire to experiment through it come from?

I've been passionate about fabrics since I was a child. At home, we have a huge wardrobe full of fabrics—some of which are fifty years old—and we've always had fun creating clothes and accessories from these materials. Once, I was in a vintage fabric market where I found a beautiful fabric with which I made a pochette for my ex. People greatly appreciated the result, and with some lucky coincidences, I started thinking about pursuing it as a job. The first launch event was a success. I then opened an Instagram account and with the second photo posted, lots of potential customers started to contact me, asking for information. The first sale was in London, the second in Tokyo. Then, I decided to quit my job as a lawyer and focus on this passion for silk.
Yellow-Green Kashmir patterned Wool & Silk Scarf Yellow-Green Kashmir patterned Wool & Silk Scarf

Serà Fine Silk

Yellow-Green Kashmir patterned Wool & Silk Scarf

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What are the colors, patterns and prints of your accessories inspired by?

I started making pochettes inspired by Italy considering that every creation is Made in Italy. I care that those who own one with them not only a piece of Italy, but also a memory of our country. We have products that represent places like Capri and Lipari; their colors and their scents. We even have a a collection about the winds that blow across Italy. The new collection we presented at Pitti 2020 follows two main themes. With the first—Italian holidays—each pattern is linked to an Italian city. The second is inspired by Recioto wine from the Valpolicella area where every pochette takes its name from a scent smelt with a sip of the wine.

How much do you think the right scarf or tie can influence a man's style?

I think the accessory itself is what gives personality and anyone can incorporate it regardless of the target or how eccentric a look is. Everyone can give that touch of sophistication and character through a scarf or tie, even starting from a simple and minimal outfit. The pochette, on the other hand, is different since it's not a mainstream accessory and usually, those who include it in their look have an extra eye on their personal style.

Can you mention some of the details that make the difference in daring a high-quality scarf, clutch bag or tie?

The choice of materials is certainly the most important thing, and the fact that our products are called "fine silk" and not simply "silk" already makes us understand the difference. Our silk, for us, is the best. It's from Como, where we also pack all our products. The refinement in the pattern is also fundamental; on all our scarves, we embed a "medal" in the shape of a mirror frame, our logo.

This is because my first display was an empty mirror where we put a fabric with my first four pochettes applied. Within this medal, every customer can embroider their initials because we think that personalization is the true luxury. In addition, we use a particularly rare printing method, so that the front and back of our products are practically identical. Each hem is entirely handmade on every single product, and the back of our tricot scarves is made of silk. All these details cannot be found elsewhere and are synonymous with the highest quality.

Any future plans for the brand?

Certainly the inclusion of new products and a further expansion to reach even more customers in line with our philosophy, who care about products made with the utmost care and attention to detail.


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