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Artisan Encounters15 April 2020

Cordone 1956, the Artisan Brand Born with the Shirt

Cordone 1956 is the classic shirt, the impeccable formal shirt, the white shirt with a French collar.

When work encounters one’s passions, that is where true fortune is revealed.

This is the story of Luigi Cordone, an Italian man with skilled hands who opened an artisan workshop in June 1956, in Aielli, a small town in the Abruzzo hinterland known as Marsica. His is certainly not the simplest of passions. Sewing men’s shirts by hand is a question of “having what it takes”; it requires great skill.

The enthusiasm of the post-Second World War period touched Italy as a whole. These are the years of the economic miracle, of entrepreneurial liveliness and widespread consumerism. The Italians’ desire for beauty and well-being is exhibited in clothes, cars and homes. Men parade the Italian elegance which had been dormant for years. There is finally room for detail and—now more than ever—for refined shirts, hand-sewn with the care and dedication of craftsmen. This is what has been unfolding in Camiceria Cordone, from the center of a pulsating Italy.

Having reached the third generation with Luigi and Virginia, the grandchildren of the founder, exclusive pieces have been created in that same family workshop for more than sixty years.

In the 1950s up until today, it is the people at Camiceria Cordone who create, the quality that chooses its market and the details that select the customers. From a local to a national dimension and up to foreign markets, in recent years Cordone shirts have conquered devotees of Made in Italy. And much more. It is lovers of beauty and comfort who come knocking on the Cordone door. The men’s shirt is an elegant garment that describes and identifies the wearer, a “second skin” that gives a unique comfort because it is as though the person is not wearing it. The handmade shirt has no age; stories are sewn inside it: of family, of Italianness, of tradition.

Luigi and Virginia have taken on the path of their father and grandfather Luigi, conscious of taking on a very specific mission: to always select the best fabrics and to produce shirts that make all the difference.

Cordone 1956 is the Italian shirt, always present in the wardrobe of the businessman who chases timeless elegance; that line which never fades, but renewed year after years with new fabrics and different colors.

Cordone 1956 is the classic shirt, the impeccable formal shirt, the white shirt with a French collar. But also—Cordone 1956 is still the casual jersey shirt, suitable for the young, sporty and casual man.

To meet the numerous needs of a wide public made up of men of all ages engaged in different professions and living in every part of the world, Camiceria Cordone proposes two collections every year. Two parallel style projects in which shirt craftsmen express their creativity, their idea of elegance, and their exceedingly high technical skills. The first, the classic collection, brings together veterans of men’s fashion, shirts that resist beyond trends. The second collection is the limited edition, in which inspiration, new fabrics and new patterns create increasingly original and versatile shirts.

The fortune of being able to make made-to-measure men’s shirts is the ability to respond to a substantial demand within the luxury market, a place where many Italian masters encounter a sensitivity, listening and curiosity equal to the value of their creations.

It is a company and a family held together by a great bond; a passion that is like a resistant cotton thread which, passing from one edge to the other of a beautiful fabric, sews together two parts destined never to separate.

Luigi Cordone’s words confirm his mission and the dedication with which every day he recalls the knowledge that has been handed down to him.

The Cordone family has been producing shirts since 1956, the same way as in the past and at the same place. Is this a value for the business? To what extent does the territory affect the success of an artisan company?

Producing where my grandfather started our business offers great satisfaction and emotion. We are very close to our territory and this is why we try to carry 'Made in Italy' forward, also thanks to the people who collaborate with us who are the expert hands that our area gives us.

Like every Italian item, a Cordone 1956 shirt recounts an artisan story made with experienced, competent hands. How is a company like yours perceived abroad? What about within Italy?

Our story certainly has increased value in foreign markets. A foreigner enjoys the fact that within a product there are three generations, meaning that the perception of our product increases significantly thanks to the charm of history and our Made in Italy.

Do your collections tailor to the needs of the classic and elegant man, or is there room for a more urban look?

Our collection includes a classic part suitable for the businessman, and a "cooler" part such as the limited edition collection with exclusive #Cordone1956 fabrics.

Which shirts should a gentleman never abandon?

In my humble opinion, a white French collar shirt, a tuxedo shirt—ideally one with pleat and fake cover, one with a medium-wide line, and a denim shirt with a stone effect.

What are your predictions for the future of Italian Style and your business, which is inspired by it?

I think there is a great evolution in the field of fashion in general but I think that the world of the classic shirt will change little if not in the fabrics going in the direction of a more flexible shirt. It may change in the shapes of the collars, but the "gentlemen" concept will never change.


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