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Plinio Visonà

Veneto, Italy

Founded in 1959 and carried on by the second generation of artisans, Plinio Visonà is a historic company of Italian leather goods, a manufacturer of accessible luxury leather bags and accessories
made in Italy. The products made by Plinio Visonà are all sewn with saddle stitch, which is the recognizable and original “trade mark” of the Brand. The "saddlery" sewing is carried out using a specific sewing machine specially designed and patented by the founder Plinio (Ndr: Visonà), master craftsman and enlightened venetian entrepreneur. Plinio Visonà leather goods are a combined result of Italian craftsmanship and premium quality Vegetable-Tanned leathers, these elements guarantee durability to products and moreover allow items to improve their appearance with frequent use.

Plinio Visonà Products

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