Our story starts in the early 2017 in the metropolitan city of Milan. Our founders – after a month spent travelling around Italy and a huge amount of small and medium workshops visited – understood that Craftsmanship needed attention and support. Artisans were struggling making their workshop resist to global crisis. More than 120 thousands Italian workshops closed in the latest 5 years, and SMEs market was and still is the backbone of Italy. Our aim is not only to support small and medium artisans struggling with sales in and outside Italian boarders, we want to be their partners, contributing gradually in the innovation of the market.

  • BASED IN Milan
  • FOUNDED 2017


We decide to dedicate the next years walking with you at our side around the whole “Craftsmanship World”, telling Artisans stories, spreading their passion and providing our know-how, our IT infrastructure and the most efficient customer service possible to ensure the best experience ever to all our customers.
The making process requires a lot of steps during the different phases. It means that to provide great quality, artisans have a lot to do.
They care about products, we care about you.

Barròco Team

Andrea Founder & Business Developer
Moreno Senior Fullstack Developer
Andrea Graphic Designer
Luca UX/UI Designer
Via Tortona, 33 Milan - Italy
[email protected]
“To create a work of art is to create the world.”

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